Cluster Interactive

We’re a web design and online marketing firm formed by inquisitive, hard-working people who are enthusiastic about building really good websites. You might have heard of us as Michael Web Design or V9 Design. That’s because our two founders, Michael Eisenwasser and Matt O’Brien, ran two separate web design companies under those names until combining forces in 2010 to form Cluster Interactive Group.

Cluster builds informational websites for small business, social networking sites, and e-commerce stores. We perform online marketing to drive the right people to our sites.

A few of our core beliefs tend to characterize the work that we do.

First, we believe that work should be fulfilling and fun. We wouldn’t get excited about our own work if we weren’t building excellent things. And working with clients wouldn’t be fun if we couldn’t be completely straightforward and candid. That’s why we’re committed to providing excellent services and avoiding pretense like the plague.

Second, we believe that software should put the user first, not the other way around. We think websites should be intuitively simple and satisfying. If it requires instructions, it’s too complicated. If the visitor doesn’t enjoy it, it ought to be rethought.

And third, we believe in letting the results do the talking. Our clients entrust their entire online presence to our care and expertise, and we’re not satisfied until they see the impact on their bottom line.

Visit our results section to see examples of the work we’ve done, or get a free estimate for your project.