Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a system of online advertising in which ads are displayed next to the search results at Google, Yahoo, or another search engine, and the advertiser pays for each click on his or her ad. PPC advertising offers immediate and highly quantifiable returns on advertising spend. PPC is a great way for small and large businesses alike to attract new visitors to their websites, even if the website is not currently ranking in the top

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PPC is attractive because the advertiser pays only for results. Unlike a television commercial or typical banner ad, a PPC advertiser pays only when someone actually clicks on an advertisement. Furthermore, because the advertiser chooses which search keywords his or her ads will be displayed alongside of, the advertiser has precise control over the market segment that will see the ad.


PPC Advertisements for the keyword “Personal Injury Lawyer”

As an advertiser, the goal of Pay Per Click advertising is to get qualified buyers to view your ads and click on them. We target buyers who are searching specifically for your products or services, who are ready to purchase, at the time and place they feel comfortable to make the purchase. Our goal is to convert browsers into buyers through conversion rate optimization and get the highest return on your investment possible.

Cluster Interactive offers full PPC campaign management:

  • identification of lucrative keyword opportunities
  • creation of ads that entice warm prospects to click
  • crafting compelling landing pages that drive visitors to convert
  • tracking the performance of the campaign and making refinements to improve client profit margins


A business has a goal in mind when a visitor reaches their website. It may be to purchase a product, submit information, download a report, or a number of other actions. It’s important for a business to maximize the amount of qualified visitors to their website, but also monitor and track usage and conversion rates. Pay Per Click advertising is an exceptionally effective way to do this as well as create high levels of return on investment without a large advertising budget.

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